Buying and selling real estate is no simple matter. Even when guided by a team of professionals who excel in their field, problems can occur when buying or selling a property.

It’s in this light that Sutton - Québec has launched an innovative legal protection program for buyers and sellers. Designed exclusively for clients of Sutton - Québec, Sutton Secur offers $3,000 of legal coverage in the case of a dispute or conflict related to a real estate transaction. The certificate holder pays no lawyer fees and can benefit from the coverage before, during and after the transaction. Moreover, the certificate is valid for life for both sellers and buyers (or in the case of a buyer, for as long as they continue to own the property covered by the certificate). 

The program has been attracting attention due to the long list of benefits:

  •  The Sutton Secure certificate is offered to clients compliments of their Sutton - Quebec affiliated real estate broker
  • Coverage of up to $3,000 in legal fees
  • Protects the client before, during and after the transaction.
  • Qualified real estate attorneys
  • Assistance of an attorney within 24 hours of making a request for legal help
  • A client-centered approach to resolving the problem in an effective and cost-efficient manner
  • The certificate is valid for life for the seller and buyer (or as long as he is the owner of the residence indicated on the certificate)

The Sutton Secur certificate can also be used if a client already benefits from another form of protection such as insurance for his or her real estate transaction. The certificate holder can use the Sutton Secur certificate for up to $3,000 in legal fees, and if further assistance is required thereafter, the individual may make a claim to their insurer to cover the additional legal costs.

The Sutton Secur program has also been lauded for the breadth of coverage offers as it applies to properties that are usually excluded from other programs such as foreclosures, estate sales and even homes sold without legal warranty.

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